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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of CycleMento?

To help you keep your bike in the best shape it can be. If you are like many people you forget to do regular maintenance, and what you have done. CycleMento is here to help you to remember to do maintenance, and what you have done.

How do you track distances?

We connect to Strava and calculate your latest activity. When we see you have reached a certain mileage we will send you a reminder that it is time to get a tune up on your bike?

There is no "Standard Maintenance Schedule"

How often do you forget to do a tune-up? For most people that is quite often. That is why we are here to remind you regularly, so when you do forget you wont forget for too long.

How often do you send a reminder?

For now, every 1000 miles after you register some maintenance. This keeps it to a good round number, as 1000 miles is just long enough to not easily keep up with amount if you do less than 100 miles a week.